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of the Rotary Club of Walnut Grove in Northern California
Many of our photos were taken pre-covid and therefore have no masks.
We currently comply with required masks, bring our own chair, and social distancing.
Walnut Grove School Booklet
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English Version
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Town Hall Meetings about School Closures

You can also attend in person if you chose. 
The cafeteria in Walnut Grove can hold 68 people in person, socially distanced.  Masks required.
Good Afternoon!
Above are fliers for upcoming town hall meetings in regards to school closures.  Schools that have been discussed for possible consolidation/closure are Bates, Riverview Middle, and Walnut Grove. While I feel very strongly that it is unlikely for the board to close Walnut Grove School based on the data they have been presenting at the board meetings, it is still on the table. It is very important that our community come out and have their voice heard at these community forum meetings. There will be an English and a Spanish meeting on separate nights in each of the communities that feed the afore mentioned schools.  I strongly encourage your participation. I also attached our newest promo booklet for Walnut Grove School. I would love your feedback on it.  Talk to you soon.  Please call me at 916-776-1844 or 916-333-4409 with any questions or drop by anytime. You are always welcome.  Carrie Norris

This Masked Young Man is Smiling While Holding His New Dictionary!

The 2021 Dictionary's have been delivered!
Rotary Club of Walnut Grove continues to be working in the community during the current pandemic.  Although, this year, instead of personally handing out the dictionary's, President Rob and Committee Chair, Dan Salazar, were required to drop off the books with the principal. 

Pictured Above is a Beautiful Message From Bates Elementary.

Imagine driving the Delta roads and seeing this heartwarming sign.  We love our Delta Kids.

It's Chromebook Time!

On Monday March 25, 2021, President Rob presents Principal Maria Elena Becerra at Bates Elementary School, a check for $6,000 designated for student Chromebooks & Accessories!
Come Out of Your Shell....and Share Your News with Rotary!

Great speakers are friends, neighbors, relatives, or professionals that have had special experiences, hobbies, trips, or work that our club would find interesting.

Around the world the turtle can be seen as a symbol of wisdom and knowledge!  Rotary is looking for a few good men and woman to be guest speakers at our weekly Monday meetings.  We have a few open days for your presentation.   Click the link below and sign up or send an email to our Program Director, Kim.
Go ahead, stick your neck out and sign up!
April 2021
In Memory Of:
Baby Valentin Ventura
from Emmanuel Romero:
On Wednesday, February 10th 2021, Valentin Ventura was born at Sutter Medical. He weighed 6 lbs 11 oz and was 15 inches long. He had a beautiful head of black hair and 10 perfect fingers and toes. Unfortunately, there were  complications and baby Valentin left this earth 20 minutes after his birth.
Dr, Kuy Ky - Stockton Rotarian & Mentor
Apr 19, 2021
General Dentistry and Dental Implants
Gabriel Munro
Apr 26, 2021 12:30 PM
Teach a Mother, Teach the World:
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Now Available.  Go Ahead, Give it a Try.  Press This Button  Make A Change!
When you see this 'special project button' on our website, know something is happening quickly.  Press This Button and you will find Projects that are immediately being funded to help our children in the community during the Distance Learning programs at our schools or similar projects.
This is your opportunity to partner with the Rotary Club of Walnut Grove and show just how caring and compassionate our quaint little town is.  Your giving will be helping our children achieve better education, knowledge and wisdom during distance and virtual learning.  Every little bit helps!
Thank you, so very much for your kindness.  Always, contact Rotary if you have any questions.
FREE Covid-19 Test is Transitioning to "Self-Swab"
Community Announcement:
The Free Covid-19 is transitioning to a new “self-swabbing” model. Please register for future testing using the Color link below.  There is also a quick video on self-swabbing. Please let me know if you have any questions
“It’s important for our Public Health Department to collect data from program users to learn how to best serve in this time of need. However, most questions are optional and can be bypassed by answering “I prefer not to say” or “no”. The required information for your COLOR registration is Name, Phone Number, City, and ZIP CODE. Please let us know if you do not have a phone number.
Holly Pauls, RN MSN
School Nurse
River Delta Unified School District
(916) 417-1121