Service Above Self
Our website is a resource of information for our existing members, new members, transferring members, community members and guests of the Rotary Club of Walnut Grove in Northern California.
Many of our photos were taken pre-covid and therefore have no masks.
We currently comply with required masks, bring our own chair, and social distancing.

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New Member, Gerry Goodie

Gerry Goodie, our Rotary Club's newest member, enthusiastically shows off his official name tag presented by Larry Gorham who is our club's membership chair and his Greatest Greeter badge handing around his neck.
Gerry and his wife own and operate the new Wimpy's Marina, Bar and Grill, and Mobile home park on Walnut Grove Rd in Walnut Grove.  Gerry brings previous Rotary experience, lots of energy and ideas, along with the Self Above Service participation in our community events.
We are fortunate to have Gerry join our Rotary club and work at supporting our community.   Thank you for joining our club Gerry!
Interested in becoming a member - CLICK HERE and let us know.
The Great Pumpkin Guess the Weight Event 2022

As legend goes, the Rotary Club of Walnut Grove is home to the largest record holding pumpkin grower in Calaveras County.  Each year the secret growing seeds are hidden throughout Walnut Grove farms and tended to over its growing life.  Then one evening, a fork lift appears and transports the annual Great Pumpkin to F&M Bank where the community can guess its weight. 

Thank you for participating in the this fun Halloween game.

Turn in your guess by Noon on Halloween, October 31st.


Chris Fulster Receives Well Deserved Recognition

North Delta Conservancy's own Chris Fulster is featured in the Fall 2022 California Waterfowl Association magazine (see page 70). Chris is a CWA Life Member, former CWA Board Member, a member of the NDC Board, and a lifelong volunteer and hunter. Chris truly has dedicated his life and his career to wetlands and waterfowl. He was the owner of Broadway Bait, Ron and Gun store. He helped found the NDC egg rescue program and has banded and released ducks there for many years. Chris turned 90 this year and he is still going strong!!

Join PolioPlus Today - CLICK HERE!! for Additional Information

At this time, please consider joining the PolioPlus Society by October 24,

by submitting a commitment form to contribute at least $100/year until polio is eradicated.


Co-President Tom believes the thief has to be quick and nimble because the Bell disappeared so FAST!


Co-President Tom:

Tom is making due with his Educator's Bell he received for 35 years of service in educating our youth.

Evidence is mounting, tips are pouring in.  Recently, a man was seen trying to through the bell into the river.  His attempt failed when it landed on the waterside street sign.
Suspect, Dennis Leary has maintained his innocence and retained young and upcoming council, Dave Stirling as representation.  The former attorney and judge is on the case.
Defense fund efforts have been underway and we hear trial is set for Monday October 24th.  
With the upcoming trial on 10/24/2022, it's all eyes on deck and the suspect is being questioned by our men in blue from the Sheriff candidate to our Rotary Sheriff, Dan.
Let's all attend the trial of the year and allow Sheriff candidate Jim Cooper to lay down the law.

As the Bell Tolls:  Tips Received, Suspect Spotted and Investigation is Underway


Dear Fellow Rotarians:

Co-President Tom was in the act of being Rotarian nice and socializing after our club meeting on August 15, 2022.
Yes....he took his eyes off the Bell for just a split second and it seems now to be missing.
Recently, acting on a sound tip and believing the thief has to be quick and nimble, Co-President Tom has been investigating tips.  Along with his new Sheriff and  while all the agents are looking out for the missing Rotary bell, surveillance video emerged and showed the missing bell probably involved a prominent member of our club. Experts are now checking the authenticity of the video before the take action.
RESCUE EFFORTS:  While we wait for any ransom notices, we are collecting donations to organize rescue efforts.
Your donation goes back into the local community where it is best needed and is tax deductible as allowed by law.  Thank you for donating to the community where Rotarians Serve to Change Lives.
If anyone has information on the location of the Rotary Bell, please let us know right away so a rescue team can be appointed.  If you can capture any photos, email them to
DESCRIPTION:  Bronze coloring, with special marking dating back to 1948.  Has a beautiful voice when nudged.  Please stay on the lookout.

DISCLOSURE:  This is just a GAME.  Feel free to participate in our recovery efforts or in the Defense of Mr. Leary!  THANKS!  There are stories about previous Bell shenanigans at this link:  As the Bell Tolls!

Glee Club Choir Master, Chris, and
his Pitch Man, Dave!
There's a Sheriff in town!  
Dan Salazar, our Sargent At Arm was canonized by President Tom for his excellence in upholding the law and order of the club. He was awarded the Silver Star and the Silver Revolver with ivory handle.  Aug 15, 2022.
Deservedly, John Receiving his 2nd Paul Harris Fellow Award.
October 2022
Rotary is Dark for Columbus Day
Oct 10, 2022
Rotary is Dark
Pat Hume, Candidate for County Supervisor, D-5
Oct 17, 2022
Pat's Vision for the Delta
Oct 24, 2022 12:30 PM
Drowning Accident Rescue Team
Sheriff Jim Cooper
Oct 31, 2022 12:30 PM
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Service Above Self

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The Tunnel - Delta Conveyance Project
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Thank you, so very much for Pressing This Button

Go Ahead, Give it a Try.  Press This Button  Make A Change!    When you see this 'special project button' on our website, know something is happening.  Press This Button and you will find Projects that are immediately being funded to help our children in the community or similar projects.
This is your opportunity to partner with the Rotary Club of Walnut Grove and show just how caring and compassionate our quaint little town is.  Your giving will be helping our children achieve better education, knowledge and wisdom during distance and virtual learning.  Every little bit helps!
2022 Demotion Dinner
Extraordinary Service Above Self
Our dinner took place at Wimpy's where even a professional magician couldn't make the Bell disappear.  Rotary acknowledged its members, President Jan's year of service and Welcomed Co-President's Laura and Tom Uslan.

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He deserves an award just for putting his head in.
Past President John, 2019-2020
Chris Fulster and one of his many awards.
Giusti's Award from Supervisor Don Nottoli:
Come Out of Your Shell....and Share Your News with Rotary!

Great speakers are friends, neighbors, relatives, or professionals that have had special experiences, hobbies, trips, or work that our club would find interesting.

Around the world the turtle can be seen as a symbol of wisdom and knowledge!  Rotary is looking for a few good men and woman to be guest speakers at our weekly Monday meetings.  We have a few open days for your presentation.   Click the link below and sign up or send an email to our Program Director, Kim.
Go ahead, stick your neck out and sign up!