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Christmas Lunch and Gift Exchange - The 2nd or 3rd Monday in December - Dates are Announced Each Year.

If there is one thing our Rotary Club of Walnut Grove does right (after service to our community) is to Celebrate the December spirit.  We gather with our fellow Rotarians and loved ones and enjoy an afternoon of great food.  The last 3 years have been a magnificent Crab Lunch with lots of trimmings and desert.  We enjoy an afternoon of thanks, food, friends, and a fun gift exchange.
When eating crab, lunch can get a bit sloppy.  No worries though.  We have gloves, individual warm finger towels, and very original aprons because of the apron contest, where four aprons are crowned winners.  Winning aprons range from Rotary designs to aprons from all over the world.  It's just another way to spice up the celebration.