Update June, 2023

A big thank you to everyone that worked so hard to see the largest
Global Grant offered by Rotary International ($400,000) become a reality!
* This may be the only single $400,000 ever grant received from RI for our district.
* This is the only $400,000 grant submitted to RI this Rotary year.
* Never in the history of Rotary has 100% of all the clubs in a district supported a single project.
* Clubs working together produce impact and sustainability that last for generations.
Clayton Lee, Rotary Club of Sacramento

D5180 Awarded Largest Global Grant by RI

Dear Rotary members:
Congratulations! Your global grant application for funding to help improve the well-being of
13 communities, 10 schools and 5 healthcare units by providing access to safe drinking water,
improved sanitation facilities and training in good hygiene practices in Copan, Honduras;
submitted by the Rotary Club of Santa Rosa de Copán and the Rotary Club of Sacramento,
has been approved by The Rotary Foundation. The award is in the amount of US$400,203.

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