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Calling for Volunteers!  DEV Work Day in Clarksburg!

Hello Everyone-
Able and willing people wishing to help prune or harvest during the grow season, please contact Charles.
Thank you everyone for your continued support!
Charles Van Riper


Delta Education Vineyard Project (DEV)


The Delta Education Vineyard (DEV) is an educational and career readiness tool for the benefit of Delta High School and Clarksburg Middle School. Thank you to all of the students, parents, community members, and members of the DEV Board for making this happen. Your support is truly appreciated!!
The DEV established an intern program for incoming Seniors who receive a Scholarship and is in charge of the Vineyard for their Senior year at the High School.  Under the guiding hands of the intern, Charles Van Riper and Craig Kirchhoff, Our Rotary Club of Walnut Grove has been participating with the community in the development of the Delta Vineyard Education Project where Cabernet franc and the Chenin blanc have been planted.  About 950 vines for about a total of 17,750 cuts.  Planted in 2018, the DEV has just completed its first harvest.
As an additional fundraiser, the finished wine will be Sold in bottles of Special Edition Limited quantities.  Working, purchasing the wine or donating towards the DEV Project is a good way to leave your 'legacy' in the future of this vineyard, which will for years benefit the students at Delta High School.
If you have any questions, please contact the Rotary Club of Walnut Grove.  Thank you for your support!