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Guess the Weight of the Great Walnut Grove Pumpkin

Where is the Great Pumpkin grown?  As Rotary legend goes, the Rotary Club of Walnut Grove is home to the largest record holding pumpkin grower in Calaveras County.  Each year, secret growing seeds are hidden throughout Walnut Grove farms and tended over by members during its growing life.  The goal is having the largest pumpkin for our guessing game.  Then one evening, a fork lift magically appears and transports the annual Great Walnut Grove Pumpkin to F&M Bank where the community can guess its weight.  Thank you for participating in this fun Halloween game.

This is a game -  Congratulations to our two community winners at 657 lbs combined weight.


THANK YOU - F&M Bank for all of your support of Rotary and the Great Pumpkin!


And the 2022 Winners were ...

And there were two winners ... Melanie Schauer and the Tyler Uslan Foundation both guessed the exact weight at 657 lbs.  Congratulations.

The 2022 Great Pumpkins were Grown and Donated by Les Lyman of Grow West in Walnut Grove, CA 


And the 2021 Winners were ...

Tyler Uslan Foundation, Cuatro Sanchez, and Chris Fulster.

The 2021 Great Pumpkin was Grown by Grow West in Walnut Grove, CA

And the 2020 Winners were ...

Erin Skinner, David Sevilla, Barb McGowan, and Kathy Bruno

This beauty was hand picked by President Rob and weighed a whoppin' !!!