Co-President's Project - Tom and Laura Uslan 2022-2023

Tom and Laura made club history on July 1, 2022 as they took office as our first ever, Rotary Club of Walnut Grove Co-President's.  Our club is fortunate to have the mighty duo as they only accepted the position weeks before.  Both are professional educators having spent their careers in our California school systems.  Our club looks forward to what is planned for our community.  Our membership is ready to support the duo during their Presidential term.
Plans are underway to continue supporting local students through a renewed mentorship program, continue our local club traditions, and "Imagine Rotary" in new ways.  In addition, it is our Club's 75th Anniversary.  We 'imagine' a celebration of service in the future.  Check back soon for additional information on how you can help support Rotary, support our community.

Rotary Club of Walnut Grove

Co-Presidential Goal for 2022-2023

1. Club Membership: Increase from current 34 members to 36 members
2. Service Participation: 30 of our 34 members will participate in a club service activity during the Rotary Year
3. New Member Sponsorship: 3 members will sponsor a new member during the Rotary year
4. Leadership Development Participation: 2 members will participate in Rotary Leadership Development activities or programs during the Rotary year
5. District Conference Attendance: At least 1 member will attend the District 5180 Conference

6. Annual Fund Contributions: Our club will contribute $1500 to the Rotary Foundation Annual Fund during the Rotary year
7. Polio Plus Fund Contributions: Our club will contribute $3000 to the Polio Plus Fund during the Rotary year

8. Service Projects: Our club will participate in at least 3 service projects during the Rotary year

9. RYLA Participation: Our club will sponsor 3 RYLA students for summer 2023

10. Online Presence: Our club’s online presence accurately reflects our club’s activities
11. Social Activities: Our club will hold at least 3 social activities outside our regular meetings during the Rotary year
12. Update Website and Social Media: Our club’s website and social media accounts will be updated 3 times per month
13. Use of Official Rotary Promotional Materials: Our Club will utilize official materials in our community