The proposed Delta Conveyance Project would modernize the water transport infrastructure in the Delta by adding new facilities in the north Delta to divert water and upgrading the current system to also include a tunnel for conveyance. If approved, these updates would ensure climate resiliency and the reliability of the state’s largest source of safe, affordable and clean water for 27 million Californians, 750,000 acres of farmland and continued support for local water supply projects, such as local storage, recycling, groundwater recharge and water quality management. The Delta is the center of California’s vital water distribution system and a critical link in how water is moved to all parts of the state, however, the infrastructure that moves this water through the Delta is outdated and at risk of failure due to sea level rise or seismic activity. The infrastructure updates proposed as part of the project would give DWR the flexibility to capture, move and store water, consistent with all regulatory requirements, when it becomes available for use when supplies may otherwise be limited. The project is currently in the initial planning and permitting phase, including compliance with state and federal environmental review processes and all other required regulatory approvals.