The Rotary Club of Walnut Grove Scholarship
and Community Fundraising Auction.

February 9, 2024 - February 24, 2024, with a grand finale on February 24th.  This is the Event of the Year.
  • The Rotary Club of Walnut Grove, together with the Walnut Grove Rotary Foundation are currently soliciting donations for its upcoming online & live finale auction.

An open invitation for our community to participate by donating items to the 2024 auction.  Donation  deadline is 1-31-2024.

  • Are you able to provide items our Delta community folks would be adventurous and excited to bid on?  While our theme for 2024 is Delta Experiences and Merchandise, we would be thankful to accept items in other categories.
  • Item Donation Ideas:  Past donations have included
    • Tools
    • Cabo and Tahoe vacations
    • Dinner or lunch at a restaurant
    • Lunch cruises on the San Francisco Bay and Delta Regions
    • Jewelry
    • Art (paintings, sculptures, carvings, etc)
    • Gift baskets
    • Hunting trips
    • Books
    • Massage and spa days
    • Wine, tastings and tours
    • toys
    • Amazing spirits
    • Hotel stays
    • Airplane and helicopter rides
    • Tickets sporting events, plays or concerts
    • BBQ and gardening implements
    • Kitchen gadgets
    • Gift Certificates
    • Fishing Gear
    • Puzzles
    • .......and many many other great items.
The goal continues to be the support of our kids, their education, and our community as a whole, makes this a valuable event.
Our Rotary Club supports this unique, small farming community of about 700 people in a magnitude of areas.  Additional focus since 2020, has been dedicated to many smaller community efforts.
In past years, 2016-2019, this auction has enabled the club to grant thousands of dollars in scholarships - nearly $100,000 in these recent few years alone and over $597,500 from the inception of the auction.  Some of these scholarships are helping students become the first in their families to attend college.
In addition, Rotary sponsors:
  • 22 Scholarships in 2023 alone, assisting Seniors in their further education experiences 
  • Delta High School student to participate in RYLA - a life-changing Leadership program
  • sponsor local Jr Fire Fighter camp
  • provided $8,000 to the Walnut Grove Community Church for the purchase and installation of a new HVAC system for our elders to have a safe zone during extra cold or hot days
  • helped purchase and install new picnic tables for the Dr. Paul Barnes Community Park
  • contributed $10,000 towards refinishing the splendid and original hardwood floors of the Jean Harvie Community Center.
  • In those same years, our Club, in conjunction with many, helped at the Delta Education Vineyard (DEV) where students manage 2 acres of vineyards.
Most recently, the Rotary Club of Walnut Grove and funded
  • the Chromebook for each student at our elementary school project.
  • With virtual and distant learning, we have financed 11 hotspots located throughout the community so our students can access the internet for learning.
The list does go on!  As you can see we believe in the commitment to our community!  Please help us continue to assist our families and friends while continuing to make our community an even better place to live by donating an auction item or two.
The 2024 auction catalog items is electronically distributed in January 2024.  It would be wonderful to include your items and achieve its highest bid offer.
To donate items, please contact Larry Gorham, who is the Chairman of the donations
Thank you in advance for your courtesy and consideration.  If you have any questions or would like additional information, please contact Larry directly.

If you wish to donate directly at this time, just go ahead and

"Press the Button, Make a Change!" and enter any amount

you wish to donate. No amount is too little!

  • $25          provides 5 children art supplies and encourage dreaming
  • $50          keeps the internet on for 2 weeks for our children to participate with at home learning
  • $100        provides 5 - 3rd grade students their own personal dictionary
  • $250        is very close in purchasing 1 Chrome Book to replenish or replace those which are out of date
  • $500        provides 3 awards to High School students vying to show off their new found confidence or tell a good story at our Speech Contest
  • $1,000     provides a High School student the opportunity to attend RYLA - the 'life changing' Rotary Youth Leadership Award camp
  • $2,500     provides a High School student the opportunity for a Scholarship - in your name!