It's Thumbs Up.   

It's Back to School!

The Revealing of President Jan's Project:  It didn't take President Jan very long into the new Rotary year to hit the ground running fast! 

We always engage ourselves with our community's children. The first day of school is in a few days and we are sure the students will be excited.  President Jan along with Secretary Rob, backed up the flat bed truck and delivered much needed stationery supplies for the students.  Pictured is Carrie Norris, principal of Walnut Grove Elementary School giving a THUMBS UP!
If you would like to join in and contribute to the year long It's Back to School for our community kids, just Press the Button and Make a Change!  Because Giving is Supporting.  

President's Project(s) - Jan LeRoy 2020-2021

The current President’s projects is to continue assisting our local schools as they recover from this past year.  Our schools needs are greater as many of our children have been unable to keep up due to obstacles presented during the 2020 pandemic.  Residing in a rural area also presents internet obstacles that made in home learning a huge challenge.  We must work with our schools to identify those needs and be ready to support the solutions presented.  President Jan's also intends to continue with our long time club programs, including the speech contest, dictionary handouts, scholarship opportunities, as well as the RYLA program.  Together we can Serve to Change Lives!
If you have any questions, please contact the Rotary Club of Walnut Grove directly.
Be safe, be healthy!
Jan LeRoy