Youth Scholarship Program
with the Rotary Club of Walnut Grove in California

Since 2013 club member, Dave Stirling, has been chairing this committee in the selection of scholarships recipients for our Youth Scholarship Program.  These last couple of years have been extra challenging.  These challenges required modification of the process as well as the reality of no contact, no meetings, zoom, and no class assigned project. Dave has devoted hours of his time year after year reading each and every applicants essay, interviewing, and being a grand mentor for our students.
Here are some little known facts about the Program:
  • Many of these scholarships are long existing family Memorial Scholarships from multiple families in Walnut Grove.  The Rotary Club of Walnut Grove is honored to present these Memorial Scholarships with pride and dignity in the name of a lost family member.  Each year Dave Stirling and the committee spend countless hours determining if applicants meet the criteria for one of the scholarships.  No detail go unturned. 
  • The 2020 year of the covid-19 pandemic, found Dave working extra hard to make sure the scholarship applications arrived.  In the end, He determined 9 applicants are deserving and worthy of receiving one of our scholarships.
  • By 2021 and a year of working on scholarships in this new world, Dave and the committee presented 13 deserving scholarships.
The Rotary Club of Walnut Grove congratulates many years of achieving scholarship recipients and wish all of them much success in their future education.  Remember, at any time, you are welcome back to the club as a guest speaker or as a new Rotarian.