Teach a Mother, Teach the World:
Apr 26, 2021 12:30 PM
Gabriel Munro
Teach a Mother, Teach the World:

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Gabriel Munro, Director of Communications, Amarok Society

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Teach a Mother, Teach the World:

What can we do about the fact that 1 in 3 children is growing up illiterate? With no access to a quality education, the predictable future for these children is life-long destitution, violence, and exploitation. It’s no wonder the UN considers education to be an essential human right. Amarok Society, working with some of the poorest mothers in the world, is breaking this cycle. Amarok Society goes into the poorest slums in the developing world to teach illiterate mothers. Those mothers then teach everything they’ve learned to children in the neighborhood. Not only do they become community leaders, these remarkable women are moving thousands of children from destitution to university. We’d love to tell your club more about this unique approach and how education is transforming lives.  Gabriel Munro www.AmarokSociety.org

About the Speaker:
From the time of its inception in 2006, Gabriel Munro has actively contributed to the activities of Amarok Society.  This work has ranged from teaching first mothers, then teachers in Bangladesh, to arranging international speaking tours, and directing communications for the organization in Canada.

Outside of his work for Amarok Society, Gabriel is also a published writer, composer, and has a diploma in Radio Broadcasting.

Gabriel Munro www.AmarokSociety.org